Monday, August 6, 2012


BY: Mwaqar
Drama Queen of Pakistani politics, Imran Talib Fake Khan is going to stage a new drama,this time he is going to demonstrate against unmanned predators conducting airstrikes in Pakistan.Drama Queen is going to lead a 100,000-strong rally from various parts of the world to Waziristan in its protest against remotely-controlled airstrikes in Pakistan’s tribal region,this is a wrong choice and will endanger many people, but In Pakistan, Politicians don't think about the consequences.Although I am sure that Imran Talib Fake Khan and his top party men would be getting fool proof protection from all militant groups including Al Qaida who are stationed in NWA.I am not sure whether this (mis)adventure would translate into more votes for PTI,but one wonders who is sponsoring this march…your guess is as good as mine, desperate Khan, I bet won’t be able to stop the Drones, but just another political gimmick to get his vote bank stronger. Unfortunately Pakistanis are very Simple,they can be fooled by these idiots easily,it will be just another political stunt by imran fake khan and his jihadi buddies sponsored by their big bosses in the GHQ.Majority of locals in Waziristan support the attacks and see the drones as their ‘liberators’ from the clutches of Taliban and Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies. The people of Waziristan are suffering a brutal kind of occupation under the Taliban and al Qaeda. It is in this context that they would welcome anyone, Americans, Israelis, Indians or even the devil, to rid them of the Taliban and al Qaeda.We need to wake up to the reality that the enemy has grown very strong in the years we temporized and tried to do deals with them. Clearly, we need allies in this fight. Howling at the moon is not going to get us the cooperation we so desperately need. A solid case can be made for more drone attacks, not less.Most people in FATA think, the drone attacks were accurate and did not lead to anti-American sentiment and were effective in damaging the militants. In addition the locals wanted the Pakistani forces to also target the militants but the problem is the Pakistani forces play double game and don’t target many jihadi groups who are on ISI payroll, locals usually appreciate drone attacks when they compare it with the Pakistan Army’s attacks.So instead of protesting against life savers,pro-taliban Imran fake khan should protest against his buddies in the ranks of Taliban,Opposition to American policies in the region does not mean, however, that the people of FATA embrace either Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. More than three-quarters of FATA residents oppose the presence inside their region of Al-Qaeda and over two-thirds the Pakistan Taliban (60 percent oppose the Afghan Taliban led by Mullah Omar).But the problem is,Pakistani Govt does not have any writ in those areas,Pakistani security forces are living in denial and not taking strong action against these religious Islamist who are making lives of poor Pashtoons miserable then there is only one option left and that is Drone strikes in that region where Islamist hiding in their rat holes. If you happen to talk to the people from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), you will find that most of them actually favour drone attacks, because lets accept it, most of the time they do manage to get the enemies who have disrupted their peace.Drone strikes are very successive against these ignorant militants, it is undeniable that many lives are being saved by eliminating terrorists one after the other.Drones are doing a better job than Pakistani military.The fact is,The tribal people fear the Pakistan Army’s aerial bombardment in FATA. The IDPs from all over FATA accuse the Pakistan Army of deliberately bombing innocent civilians while avoiding Taliban centres,so this means,Drone strikes are better. The rising support for Imran Khan, especially among the youth, might be a good thing but the way Imran Khan has been supporting the Taliban and tribal justice is dangerous for future politics in Pakistan. This all seems like Imran will disappoint the people ,the youth and there will be no change in Pakistan

LOHAR Sharif brothers to be summoned BY NAB

Sharif brothers to be summoned if NAB reference restored: Judge
Judge Abdul Haq says that Sharif brothers will be summoned if reference was restored. The judge of Rawalpindi’s accountability court, Chaudhry Abdul Haq, heard the application of chairman NAB for reopening of corruption references against Sharif brothers. The three references, under consideration, include the alleged corruption cases of Hudaibia paper mills, Ittefaq Foundry and Raiwind farm. During the proceedings, Sharif brothers’ lawyer Chaudhry Hassan said that the reference doesn’t qualify to be heard. After hearing to the arguments, Chaudhry Abdulhaq said that the accused can be declared proclaimed offender if he doesn’t appear bedore the court in criminal proceedings. Adjourning the hearing till September 15, the court directed all the respondents to prepare arguments for the case.

Polio virus found in test of sewage samples from Rawalpindi, other cities

Sewage samples from Rawalpindi and Lahore in Punjab, Sukkur and Hyderabad in Sindh and Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have shown presence of polio virus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has informed through a press release issued here on Sunday. Poliovirus has also been found in sewage water samples collected from Gaddap Town, Karachi, after a gap of about four months. Gaddap Town is one of the country’s key poliovirus reservoirs where a lot of efforts were made over the last six months to reach every child during every polio campaign. However, during the last campaign in mid-July, all children could not be reached due to deteriorated security situation and incidents targeting polio workers. Similarly, sewage samples from Baldia Town, Karachi, have also shown the presence of polio virus for the first time this year after 12 samples did not have poliovirus earlier this year. Pakistan has reported 27 polio cases this year so far; 13 from Fata, 6 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 3 each from Sindh and Punjab and 2 from Balochistan. These polio cases come from 15 districts. Recent unfortunate facts are the banning of polio campaigns in North and South Waziristan Agencies, depriving more than 200,000 children of polio vaccination. This is in addition to Bara Tehsil of Khyber Agency, which has been inaccessible to vaccination teams since September 2009. It is pertinent to mention that 10 of the 13 polio cases in Fata this year have been reported from Bara. If the recently imposed ban on polio vaccination is not reversed and access in Bara is not gained, the goal of the National Emergency Action Plan will be at serious risk, WHO has warned.

The Baloch youth

Amazingly, at this point in time when everything about the Balochistan problem is being talked out, what is not being talked about is what in fact must be spoken the most: the commoner Baloch youth. He is the jewel of a human being, bubbling with enormous talent, vitality and energy, but living suppressed in the captivity of the sardars and in the indifference of the state. But whenever luckily he has broken this unbreakable shackle, he has proved his tremendous mettle to turn out into an acknowledged doctor, engineer, lawyer, civil servant, diplomat and general of sterling quality. Such a promising youth in fact is he. Yet he is being laid to waste by the conspiracy of his circumstances. He needs to be protected, nourished and promoted. But he has no patrons. To help him fructify his huge wealth of innate talent and energy, he should have the opportunities to grow and advance. But he remains largely denied of them — even now. To make up for this denial over the past six decades or so, education up to the university level should have been made free for him. But what to talk of this, he doesn’t have access even to adequate schooling. Can you imagine that even at this time there are as many as 1,000 schools in the region that are simply ghost schools that exist merely on papers, not on the ground. And amazingly not even those self-styled champions of the Baloch people have made an issue of it. Indeed, while they tire not of chanting of Baloch ownership of the province’s natural resources, never ever have they asked for a top-class university of mineralogy in Balochistan to produce trained Baloch engineers to run the crucial sector of mineralogy indigenously. Nor have they ever asked for technical institutes to produce skilled and semi-skilled manpower locally for the sector. Isn’t it shameful that the initiative to this end has been taken by the army, not by the overbearing sardars, the self-touted Baloch nationalists or the civilian administration of the province? To them, the ownership of natural resources in reality only means the ownership by sardars to their own fullest benefit, not of the commoner Balochs and their youths. Couldn’t the billions of rupees that have over these years poured into the provincial treasury from the centre be spent on laying out first-class educational facilities in diverse fields and disciplines for the commoner Baloch youth, rather than landing in privileged private pockets? This much for the concern of tribal sardars by inheritance, the so-called Baloch nationalists and the provincial civil administrations for the Baloch people and the commoner Baloch youth. But no better has ever been the centre under successive military and civilian rulers. It has been ever out to mollycoddle collusive sardars and chieftains and local power-wielders and ever spurning of the Baloch commoners, particularly their youth. Can anyone deny in all honesty that the Balochistan package of this PPP-led central government too is all tuned to fattening the financial and muscle powers of the local power-wielders and power-brokers, not to emancipate and empower the commoner Baloch youth to become a fuller human being and give vent to his potentials to advance in life and make a mark on the national scene? When Pakistan came into being, all the candidates from then East Pakistan who qualified in the first examination of central superior services were taken in, irrespective of quota to make up for the near absence of officers of that area in those services in the pre-partition days. Why never ever has a similar treatment been given to the common Baloch youths? Not even once, not even now? Lately, the army has lowered its criterion for recruitment of Baloch youths to its ranks and the officer corps. But no such relaxation has been made by the civilian leadership for recruiting the Baloch youth to the civil services or civilian jobs. In the given conditions, if some unsuspecting Baloch youths fall prey to the poaching of foreign agencies or the overseas-based dissidents, who is to blame if not the state itself? Let all and sundry know that for the state’s raw deal, the common Baloch youth is very disgruntled, very angry and in a very nasty mood. It is he who needs to be cajoled, pacified and appeased, not the scions of sardars working on aliens’ agendas. Invest in him to be a proud Pakistani. Give him the opportunities to grow and flourish. In it lies the real key to the Balochistan problem. Everything else is a mere ruse.

Gunmen kill NATO driver in Pakistan

Gunmen on Monday killed a driver of a
NATO supply truck in Pakistan's northwestern tribal belt on the Afghan border, according to officials. It was the second fatal shooting in two weeks in the Jamrud area in Khyber district, where Taliban and local Islamist militia are active. After the first shooting on July 24, Pakistan closed the Torkham border crossing, the quickest route from Pakistan's port of Karachi to the Afghan capital, for nine days. "Three gunmen in a jeep fired at a NATO truck, killing its driver," local government official Bakhtiar Khan told AFP. NATO traffic was suspended for a few hours after the incident. Sameen Jan, a doctor at the local hospital, said the driver was shot twice, once in the head and once in the chest. Pakistan reopened the Torkham crossing on Saturday, having signed a deal with the United States last Tuesday allowing NATO convoys to travel into Afghanistan until the end of 2015. Islamabad in July lifted a seven-month blockade on NATO goods passing overland through Pakistan, imposed after botched US air raids killed 24 Pakistani troops in November.