Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nawaz wants to derail democracy

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif wants to derail the democratic system by implementing the agenda of national enemies, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) said on Sunday.

Reacting to the statement of Nawaz in which he levelled serious allegations of corruption on the PPP-led government, and declared that he was ready to support any anti-government movement in the country, PPP Punjab Information Secretary Dr Fakharuddin Chaudhry, upon contact, said that the PML-N leaders were busy in disturbing the democratic government following the plan of ‘others’.

He said that the PML-N chief had no political plan to attract the people, so he was busy in criticising the system and important institutions of the country that was why he was levelling allegations against the army, the Inter-Services Intelligence and the government.

Although the army and the intelligence agencies were sacrificing their lives for the sake of the country in the war against terror and the government was trying to deal with terrorism with an “iron hand” and was making policies for boosting the economic system, he said. However, some ‘simple minded politicians’ who had no idea about the situation, and just wanted to attain popularity that was why they were giving anti-democracy statements, Chaudhry added.

The PPP leader said that Nawaz had been left alone at the front of politics, and now wanted to please some ‘elements’ without thinking that these elements or powers had no influence in the current situation.

Nawaz Sharif should show political maturity: Babar

Senator Dr Babar Awan of Pakistan Peoples Party said on Sunday that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz should show political maturity as the country was passing through difficult times. Addressing a press conference here, Babar said that PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif should not adopt “a non-serious attitude and mislead the nation asking it to revolt against the government”.

Babar Awan said that Nawaz Sharif had not mentioned that what kind of revolt he was demanding from the people.”Whether it is against the parliament, constitution, democracy or law and order?”, he said.
He alleged that Nawaz Sharif preferred to leave the country instead of confronting the dictator. “ Why did he not announce rebellion at that time?” he asked.
He said that the PPP had always played the politics of federation and reconciliation while Nawaz Sharif, he claimed, was doing the politics of division and separation.

ANP govt criticized for stalled health delivery

The Awami National Party-led provincial government has been under tremendous criticism from the masses for failing to resume the health services suspended for the past 10 days due to continuous strike by the doctors across the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The doctors continued the strike for 10th consecutive day on Saturday, which paralysed the health delivery in major hospitals of the province, particularly in Peshawar where doors of the three tertiary care hospitals Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), and Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) had been closed for the patients for the past couple of days.

Hundreds of poor patients and their hapless attendants, after sensing that there was no hope for end to strike by the doctors had started leaving hospitals for homes.

Most of the wards, laboratories and operation theatres in the three teaching hospitals in Peshawar have been wearing a deserted look by persistent strike by the doctors.

The doctors want increase in salaries and went on a strike on the call of Provincial Doctors Association (PDA), representative body of the serving doctors. The provincial government has not been able to take note of patients suffering caused by doctors strike.

Majority of the patients and their exhausted attendants criticised the ANP-led government for the miseries they were facing at the public sector hospitals. Instead of strengthening these so-called hospitals, the ANP government closed its doors for the poor patients and left them at the mercy of doctors to suffer, a disappointed attendant, Ikhtiar Gul, who had taken his ailing brother to the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), remarked.

Some senior doctors affiliated with the Pakistan People s Party were making individual efforts to bring the protesting doctors and the government to the negotiating table, but in vain.

The PDA, on the other hand, has vowed to continue strike till acceptance of their lone demand, raise in salaries.

The authorities at the LRH and KTH Saturday made some alternative arrangements for the patients coming to the two teaching hospitals.

Helpless patients suffer in doctors-govt tussle Ailing poor forced to visit costly private clinics

he strike of doctors continued in provincial capital on Friday as no genuine representation of young doctors was seen in wards, operation theaters and OPDs in major hospitals.The public sector health facilities throughout the provincial capital are simply crippled by the week long strike of young doctors under the banner of Provincial Doctors Association. The patients coming across from Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Fata to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) and Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) are suffering due to extended strike by doctors as most of them are turning up to private clinics and laboratories where they are being charged heavily.Misal Khan, a retired government employee, who had brought his ailing wife to Lady Reading Hospital on Friday, said unavailability of doctors had added miseries of people like him. “I prayed doctors for examining of my wife after her INR test in LRH this morning but their response was very downbeat,” he told APP. Most of patients are visiting Dabgari Garden, a hub of medical practitioners where they are being looted due to extended strike of doctors and that diagnostic laboratories are getting double charges for X-rays, bone scan, CT scan, MRI etc tests from poor patients.The young doctors of provincial capital on the call of Provincial Doctors Association are on strike for almost one week to press government to fulfill their demands.A young doctor in LRH told APP that due to lackluster attitude of provincial government, the young doctors were actually forced to go for strike for the acceptance of their demands. He said young doctors should be given facilities on pattern of Punjab doctors.Meanwhile, Spokesman of Khyber Pakthunkhwa Health Department said most issues of doctors had been addressed and asked Provincial Doctors Association (PDA) to call-off their strike for best interest of people. He said the only unsolved issue was salary package, which could be addressed through discussion. The continuation of the doctors’ strike in current circumstances when province is confronted with several challenges like war against terror, the strike of doctors will added problems of people and doctors should call off the strike immediately to mitigate suffering of ailing humanity and victim of terrorism.The Spokesman said in these circumstances the doctors’ strike is very negative and counter productive, which are bringing bad name to medical profession and medical institutions and hoped that PDA would call of their strike in public interest immediately.Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health department in order to provide better services to medical practitioners and doctors took a proactive measures to accommodate students who had passed FCPS-I examination to meet the current and future needs.The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa got recognized six institutions by the college of Physician and Surgeon in the month of February this year for post graduate training.These institutions include Saidu Group of Tecaching Hospitals, Gomal Medical College, Bacha Khan Medical College, Gastroenterology Unit of LRH, IKD and KCD. In the last twenty years this is the first ever expansion of the postgraduate teaching intuitions outside Peshawar.

Nation’s tragic catastrophe

Just forget about what the others say about us. Much of that is patently motivated discourse, self-serving hectoring or sheer jiggery-pokery. But there is no question about it that we really are in a state of war, under the siege as we visibly are of extremists and terrorists. They may be homegrown, they may be foreign proxies. Whatever they are, they have declared war on us, unmistakably now threatening viciously our very existence. And to contend with their vile challenge to the state, we stand in need of a war leadership. But the nation’s greatest tragic catastrophe is that what we have is a leadership not fit even for peacetimes. We need tall leaders with high minds, tremendous vision and enormous wisdom. Instead, what we have are small men with small minds, unable to see even beyond their own noses.
Unarguably, this war is no unidirectional fight. It is a multidimensional battle, to be fought out on multiple fronts and in the minds. The counter-offensive has to be multi-pronged, for which you need leaders who show themselves apart, not for custom-made robes, but for richness of intellectual faculties, creative thoughts and innovative ideas. But the leaders in the saddle across the spectrum have established beyond a shred of doubt that none of this is their forte. Clearly, this war has to be battled not just on the security front. It has to be fought as much on political and development planes. But this leadership is yet to show anything worthwhile on its slate by way of political initiative to cope with the existential threat of wicked terrorism monsters to the polity and to the state. So much so, it has spectacularly failed even to drive home to the mass of our people that the war we are now pitched is none else’s but our own.
Such an utter disappointment has indeed this leadership been that for almost two years it ran the crucial finance ministry on ad hoc basis. It had had no regular finance minister and the key portfolio of finance was handled by a variety of cabinet ministers as an additional charge. And shockingly enough, till now this leadership has unfolded no economic policy. At best, its act on the economic front is marked with firefighting; at worst, its economic policy boils down to begging and borrowing money from international donors. And no move whatsoever has it made to modernise the curricula of madrassas. It indeed gives the vibe that this task has never been on its agenda. At least, Pervez Musharraf made an attempt to this end, though he too in the end caved in to the awe of the clerical orders. This leadership has not even ventured on this task, feeling it safer to steer clear of this ticklish enterprise.
Even on the security front, this administration has not anything grand to boast of. The field is cluttered with its inactions, inertia and sloth. Even after three years, it is still hovering around the inanities of “has decided”, whereas by now it should be talking in the lingo of its decisions “being carried out decisively” and “curbing the terrorists crushingly”. Nothing of the sort is happening. No counter-terrorism strategy is visibly or perceptibly in play. And where order should have necessarily prevailed by now still reigning supreme are anarchy and chaos. No coordinations or collaborations between the various parts of the state security apparatus are in evidence. Each seemingly is working in its own light and in its own direction. And the lashkars and jaishes of all brands and hues are running their trades unimpeded and unobstructed, even the known outlawed ones openly under not-so-veiled new banners. And hate literature is circulating without any fears or inhibitions.
Not that the grandees occupying the opposition tents are showing any better. Superficiality and hollowness fills their camps as deafeningly as the official corridors, while the clerical orders for their own religiosity see spotless white what is visibly only opaque black. But none should harbour any hallucinations. The country is caught up dangerously in the stormy whirlpool of an existential threat which if not tackled unitedly would throw this nation in such an irreversible crisis that each and all will rue inconsolably. So each in own interest must see what is in the making and work to avert the otherwise inevitable grim eventuality at every cost. Terrorist are certainly no friends of this country and its people. They in reality are this nation’s foes.